Esa-Matti Karine and Jussi Toivonen posing outdoors

Brand Assets

Better experiences start with better data

Surveypal is designed to enable organizations build better experiences, and our brand is designed to reflect that. 

The Surveypal brand

Our brand is an expression of who we are and we’d like to keep it consistent. To make that easy, we’ve created a package for anyone working with the Surveypal brand. It contains info on everything related to our brand.

How to write it:  


The Surveypal logo  

Please include the paper plane when using the Surveypal logo.

Surveypal colours

These are the official Surveypal colours.

Surveypal photo resources 

In need of some Surveypal images? Feel free to use these.

Press and media kit

We’ve put together a handy kit with everything related to the Surveypal brand.

Any questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us.