Surveys in electronic communications

Kirsi Pöyhtäri, the marketing coordinator of Koodiviidakko, has conducted various satisfaction surveys with Koodiviidakko clients for several years now. She explains that the survey invitations are sent with Koodiviidakko’s in-house newsletter tool Postiviidakko, which is used to create an electronic invitation containing a link to the survey. Since last year, the company has used Surveypal as the platform for the surveys.

The primary reason for choosing Surveypal was to make creating surveys and replying to them as easy and convenient as possible. The company also wanted to target its surveys more effectively, which has involved increasing the number and variation of the surveys. Ready-made answer templates, easy compilation of survey results, and professional reporting have made the whole process easier and facilitated the analysis of the results.

Why conduct surveys? Key benefits:

  • Ready measuring and monitoring of customer satisfaction and other factors important for the operation
  • An interactive component of the communications and invitation of the respondents to contribute
  • An opportunity for respondents to answer and make an impact
  • Impact on the development of operations: surveys often reveal things that would have gone unnoticed
  • Getting ideas from the respondents and conducting operations in a customer-oriented manner
  • More precise targeting: surveys provide background information about the respondents, and the answers aid in targeting of future communications

A case study: The surveys

Koodiviidakko sees customer surveys as a valuable feedback channel that has helped us to develop our products, marketing, and other operations. It is our experience that customers appreciate being listened to and having an opportunity to share their opinion.

For a customer, it is all too easy to forget to give feedback, even if you have something on your mind. A cleverly designed survey aids in remembering relevant details and lowers the threshold by opening a feedback channel.

Creation of the surveys begins with talking to people in charge of the elements that we want to develop on the basis of feedback. Next, we use these discussions to formulate questions that will be used in the survey created with Surveypal. Surveypal comes with a wide selection of question types, such as multiple-choice items, drop-down menus, and slide bars, which makes the compiling of surveys convenient. We also want to leave room for open feedback, and many respondents have taken advantage of the fields for freeform feedback. Our surveys are available both in Finnish and in English, and each respondent can select the language right at the beginning of the survey.

Invitations to the surveys are created and distributed with our newsletter tool Postiviidakko, which is used to create an electronic notification containing a link to the survey. Often there is a small incentive for taking part in the survey, such as a surprise gift awarded to one of the respondents in a raffle. The prize doesn’t necessarily have to be very valuable to function as an incentive for hesitant respondents.

The response data are automatically organized to form reports, and the report summaries can be imported directly into, for example, PowerPoint presentations. It is also possible to forward the responses in real time to the e-mail address of the person responsible for the survey, which enables rapid handling of those responses that require a reply.

Depending on the number of respondents, 1–2 reminders are sent per survey, in general. Also, it is possible to filter certain respondents out of a larger sample, for marketing targeted at those who have given a certain answer. However, this requires identifying details for the respondents, which are not always available with anonymous surveys.

Interested in using surveys in your electronic communications? Then go ahead and contact our sales team or read more about the Postiviidakko newsletter tool and Surveypal software.

We are integrating Postiviidakko and Surveypal right now, which will further facilitate communication between the tools and make targeted communications even easier.

About Kirsi Pöyhtäri

The author of this article is the marketing coordinator of Koodiviidakko and a multi-skilled professional in digital marketing. Kirsi has worked for many years as an online-store entrepreneur, and at the marketing department of Koodiviidakko she is in charge of duties such as the implementation of customer satisfaction surveys and product-related customer communications.