4 lessons Santa can teach you about Customer Experience

Christmas is right around the corner. The general merriment and enthusiasm are very hard to miss and kids around the globe are all wondering “What will Santa bring me this Christmas?”. For a grown up, that question does not merit the same enthusiasm as Santa’s arrival usually involves a grumpy adult in a red suit and fake beard. A customer experience professional, however, has a few lessons to learn from Santa and his little elves. Here is why:

Santa is a good listener

Santa Claus receives millions of letters from his little customers. It takes a lot of commitment to read each and every one of those letters. But, if you want to keep your customers happy you have to pay attention to the details and make sure you listen to their wishes very, very carefully.

Santa never fails to deliver

Santa takes things a step further. Not only does he listen to his customer’s wishes but makes sure to deliver on them. Without fail, year after year, Christmas after Christmas.

Santa knows a thing or two about the role of employee engagement in customer experience

It’s a hard job to wear the red suit. And grow the long beard. And make every child’s wish come true. Obviously, Santa needs some help. His little helpers carry a lot of the burden of making Christmas magic happen. Santa is dependent on his elves to carry out all the necessary steps that ultimately guarantee an exceptional customer experience. This is the reason why employee engagement and satisfaction is so important for Santa and it should be important for you too.

Everybody knows who Santa is

Santa listens and stays connected to his customers. As a result, he manages to delight them every single time. He has successfully built a brand around himself. A brand of joy, happiness, and customer service excellence. His brand enjoys customer loyalty like no other. Yours?