Why startups need to focus on the customer experience

Undeniably, exceptional customer experience correlates with growth. The previous statement is very important for start-ups because it allows for customer-driven scalability. Most start-ups, however, neglect the customer experience and only focus on the product.

Your overall success depends on your ability to bring in new customers while retaining existing customers. This is why as a start-up you need to shift your attention to the customer experience. Customers care about your product but they care even more about the value they get out of using your product.

Here is what you need to do as a start-up, for customer experience to deliver on the results it promises:

Take the time to contemplate what is the value proposition that only your start-up can deliver.

You are a start-up. You are half way there on delivering value because, by default, you are addressing a marketplace need with an innovative product or service. The value proposition is already there. All you have to do is find a way to voice it and deliver on it. This will take time but there is no other way around it.

Approach customers one at a time

Customers are important for any company but even more so for start-ups. You don’t have a business without customers. Take care of your customers one at a time and adopt a human-centric approach on all your interactions.

Look at your customers as assets and find ways to treat and delight them

The goal is to keep the customer satisfied. If customers are not happy they will take their business elsewhere without a second thought. You should be making your customers feel special and well taken care of. Start by really listening to them. Once you have that covered, take things a step further. Find ways to surprise your customers and reward them for their business.

Think total experience

Customer experience is a process. A process that starts long before you make a sale and ends long after your customer service agents have solved a customer issue. You cannot be performing exceptionally in some aspects of it and not so well in others. Make sure you measure your efforts at delivering the desired experience and figure out ways to continually improve interactions.