How to make your feedback data work harder with a CRM survey integration

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is hyped for good reason. It enables organizations to build successful relationships with current and potential customers. You can use a CRM platform in many ways, depending on the needs of your company and the organizational goals you aim to achieve. But, ultimately, your success with CRM depends on the quality of information stored in your database.

We are all by now aware that surveys are one of the best ways to collect data about your clients and prospects. Data, however, is worthless unless you analyse and act on it. Importing your survey data into your CRM software enables you to combine the informational and marketing value of the data with CRM’s automated capabilities. What you end up with is a recipe for success.

Make the most of your data with a CRM survey integration

The relationship between survey software and CRM is complimentary. A CRM survey integration empowers you to combine all the information you have about your customers into the same system. Slowly but surely, this process will make it easier to manage all aspects of the customer relationship and grow your business. Evidently, entities in complimentary relationships tend to bring out the best in each other so here are some easy ways to make your survey data work harder with a CRM integration.

Create lead and customer personas

Profiling your customers is crucial because the result is a clear picture of the type of customer your business should be going after. Use surveys to:

  • get demographic, psychographic, or behavioural data on your clients
  • find where your customers are located
  • understand the purchasing process
  • create customer profiles

Merge these types of customer data into your CRM and

  • boost your sales records with dynamic customer data
  • assign customer profiles to client groups
  • design and execute marketing strategies based on customer profiles

Introduce the Voice of the Customer into your CRM

Customers have all the insights you need to make your business a successful one. The fastest way to get answers from your customers is to go ahead and ask them. A Voice of the Customer program, when properly executed, gives your customers the chance to be heard; express their needs and expectations or complaints and issues. Voice of the customer surveys gather qualitative and quantitative data that generate insights on how to:

  • retain existing clients
  • anticipate the needs of customers and brand prospects
  • minimize negative feedback

Integrating VoC data into your CRM is beneficial for several reasons:

  • your CRM database will contain the latest information about your customers
  • you can identify the touch points in which your customers engage with your brand and automate customer feedback surveys at each major milestone
  • map the customer journey and pinpoint the moments that present a good opportunity to delight your customer

Customer service & agent performance

An elevated customer care experience allows your business to retain revenue from existing customers. Therefore, it is important to monitor contract handling and basic customer transactions conducted via your customer care agents. You can use surveys to track the Net Promoter Score® (NPS) after such transactions to get insights on

  • the quality of the overall experience, or
  • the performance of the agent

Create NPS surveys and automatically execute them through your CRM in order to

  • automate triggers for follow-up care
  • ask customers that gave you a positive review to rate your product
  • instantly reach out to customers that gave the experience a negative review