The road to CEM is paved with integrations – Zendesk integration

The way you handle your customers can make or break your business. Simple, right? Consistently deliver exceptional customer experience, sit back, and enjoy the monetary fruits of your labor. Wrong! The problem lies not within your intention to create an enviable customer experience but within your ability to do so in a timely and effective manner.

There are a gazillion tools out there designed to help enhance the customer experience. Chances are that most of them work. The bad news is that each of these tools caters to one aspect of the customer experience such as customer service. But, CEM is a multifaceted process and the resources at your disposal are not unlimited. Who has the time to go through three or four different tools on a daily basis to act upon customer’s needs and take action when necessary?

With this in mind, here at Surveypal, we are working on developing seamless integrations of our survey platform into other tools and systems our customers are using. Our goal is to help them exceed customer expectations and increase satisfaction and loyalty, all from the same place. Our first step towards that direction was the Zendesk integration.


Surveypal’s Zendesk integration allows you to follow up and collect feedback on your support cases straight from Zendesk.


  • Create and design customized brand surveys using Surveypal’s powerful style editor
  • Integrate Surveypal to Zendesk
  • After your support ticket is closed your selected survey is triggered
  • The survey is sent to the ticket requester’s email
  • Collected feedback is automatically pushed back to Zendesk’s analytics dashboard
  • Your customer care agents can act on negative feedback immediately