Surveypal for Salesforce: Integrated surveys for better customer experience

Customer feedback data has no place in an Excel sheet, it belongs in Salesforce. With this in mind, we are thrilled to introduce our new integration with Salesforce which allows you to run Salesforce surveys, gather customer feedback, import that feedback in the right place in Salesforce, and use it to tailor the experience to your customer’s needs and expectations.

Introducing Surveypal for Salesforce

Surveypal’s integrated solution for Salesforce surveys allows you to tap into real-time customer feedback and turn it into actionable insights. Create and deliver branded surveys to your customers. Automatically import survey data into Salesforce and either update fields and objects or create custom values based on feedback. Dig into individual customer responses with Salesforce analytics and determine actions and workflows. Surveypal for Salesforce delivers a seamless integration which enables you to build a customer-centric organization and create a better experience.

What you can do with Surveypal for Salesforce

Customer feedback is the cornerstone of any successful organization. The undeniable correlation between the customer experience and business growth indicates that how you measure and manage customer satisfaction has an immediate impact on how you perform. While customer relationship management is no walk in the park, you can make things easier on you by collecting all customer data in the same place and using it towards building better experiences. Here are a few examples of how Surveypal for Salesforce can help you towards that direction:

  • Create branded Salesforce surveys to get the most relevant customer feedback
  • Set up dynamic survey questions based on Salesforce customer data to increase response rates
  • Track and measure Voice of the Customer metrics like CSAT, NPS, or CES
  • Automatically plug real-time survey data into existing and/or custom Salesforce fields and objects
  • Trigger automatic feedback notifications to your team based on feedback
  • Manage feedback collected from different touchpoints using Salesforce surveys
  • Collect anonymous survey data under individual sales agents or sales locations
  • Create new leads/contacts in Salesforce
  • Understand how different marketing projects perform

How to implement Salesforce surveys with Surveypal

The integration between Salesforce and Surveypal is easy to set up and does not require IT skills. Get started immediately by following the next steps:

1. Build responsive cross-device surveys and customize them to your brand

2. Map survey questions to Salesforce

3. Send survey via Salesforce at different touch-points across the customer journey 

4. Capture customer feedback

5. Import real-time feedback data into existing Salesforce fields and objects

6. Create custom Salesforce data fields based on feedback