How to customize your surveys with your very own brand

Does your survey reflect your brand?

In a time when effective marketing and branding have the power to differentiate you from your competitors and enable you to better engage with your customers, customizing your surveys to reflect your brand is a no brainer. Your surveys as an extension of your brand should fall in line with your general branding approach and practices and clearly communicate what you stand for.

Tips and tricks to get you started with customizing your survey

Put your brand in the spotlight

When designing your survey make sure to include the visual symbols and elements that set your brand apart:

  • logo
  • brand colors
  • fonts

An attractive survey design will not only communicate the particular symbols that set your brand apart, but will also capture respondent attention and increase engagement with the content of your survey questions.

Add a background image

Think of all that blank space behind your survey questions. A very easy way to make your survey stand out is to add a background image. Think of the background image as an additional element that can be used for branding purposes or as a visual cue to the content of that particular survey.

Add a background color

Depending on the type of survey, a background image might not always be the right choice. But a blank background is still a boring background. You can still keep your survey interesting without adding a flashy image by including a background color. A color that corresponds with your brand would make the most sense.

Create a custom theme

Collecting customer feedback is so crucial that most of us employ surveys in several touch points across the customer journey. It is worth considering creating a customized survey theme that can be used regardless of the content of the survey questions. This will help your respondents identify you as the survey creator and increase survey completion rates.

Find your voice

A survey is mainly a tool to collect feedback but also to establish a rapport with your customers. The tone of voice in your surveys is one of those intangible elements that communicates the identity of your brand and should therefore be consistent with the tone of voice you utilize in all other communication channels.

Optimize your surveys for mobile

Make sure your surveys look equally attractive and are responsive in all devices. Mobile users especially are in more distracting environments and an unresponsive survey will not make the best impression and will compromise your branding efforts.

Customize the survey url

Indicate from the get-go that your company is the source of the survey by customizing your questionnaire url to include your name. This is a great way to immediately introduce your respondents to your brand and make the link more relevant.

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