Success story: How Surveypal helped Lojer Group improve their customer feedback strategy

Lojer Group, the largest manufacturer of medical furniture in the Nordics, wanted to build a customer feedback process that would allow them to track customer feedback in real-time. This is how Surveypal helped them do just that.

How it all begun: The need for real-time customer feedback management

Lojer’s goal was to monitor the quality of their customer service experience and rapidly respond to customer feedback about that experience.  The company receives customer care requests via phone, email, and online forms. Surveypal allowed Lojer to automate their feedback process through a seamless integration with Freshdesk – their customer support platform.

Not just feedback, real-time feedback

The integration between Surveypal and Freshdesk enables Lojer to monitor feedback insights in real-time. Every time Lojer’s customer care team resolves a client request the client automatically receives a thank you message with a link to a feedback survey.  If the customer expresses dissatisfaction with the service received or their Net Promoter Score is below the desired target value, a member of Lojer’s customer care team receives a notification. This enables immediate action, lets customers know they’re being listened to, and quickly turns dissatisfaction into satisfaction.

“We also redirect customer praise and thanks back to our customer care agents”

Martin Härmälä, Marketing Manager at Lojer Group

A customer feedback strategy that boosts the overall customer experience

For Lojer, it is important to engage with and address the needs of various stakeholders to deliver an elevated customer experience. Therefore, they use Surveypal to regularly monitor and measure hospital satisfaction with their various products and services. Additionally, they employ Surveypal to manage personnel queries, handle post-purchase queries in their e-commerce store, and coordinate event management.

“We recently took advantage of Surveypal’s platform to manage the invitation and sign-up process for more that 400 guests at Lojer Group’s 100th anniversary event”

Combining expertise and technology to execute an effective feedback process

The Lojer Group has been particularly pleased with Surveypal’s professional expertise and customer support in designing a feedback process that resonates with their business needs. According to Härmälä,

“Surveypal delivers technology that allows for flexible autonomous use, but we found that their input in fine-tuning the details of our feedback strategy has been extremely useful. Surveypal’s customer support has, also, made our work significantly easier.”

Lojer is the largest manufacturer of hospital and medical furniture in the Nordic countries. The Group employs more than 180 people in four countries and has an annual turnover of more than EUR 30 million.