Surveypal’s (S)FTP integration just got even better

If you are using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to facilitate data access and transfer between Surveypal and your service, you are in luck. We’ve been working on several improvements that make our (S)FTP integration even more flexible and easy to use.

What is (S)FTP?

The Secure File Transfer Protocol is an internet protocol used to transfer files between two remote systems over a secure connection. SFTP uses the SSH protocol to authenticate and establish a connection.

What’s new?

Let’s take a closer look to all the latest improvements we’ve added in our SFTP integration:

XML file support

In addition to .csv and .xls, from now on the integration also supports .xml files.

Conditional routing

SFTP is one of the easiest ways to send bulk survey invites via email or SMS. Our integration now allows you to automatically route invitations to different surveys based on multiple data field inputs.

Prevent automatic survey invitations to reach predefined contacts

Using an SFTP connection to automatically send email or SMS survey invitations is a no brainer. But what happens when for some reason or another you need to prevent a respondent to receive an automatic survey invite? You can now choose between preventing a contact to receive an automatic invite to a particular survey or to all surveys in your Surveypal organization.