Success story: How LähiTapiola is standing out with its customer experience

LähiTapiola, one of the biggest insurance companies in Finland, is committed to offering a comprehensive and proactive service by focusing on the customer experience.  

In order to deliver an elevated CX, LähiTapiola wanted to start measuring and developing their client experience by setting in motion an action plan that involved new partners, operating models, and advanced tech. This is how Surveypal helped LähiTapiola build a flexible and cost-effective feedback process to better understand and improve the customer experience.  

LähiTapiola entered into a cooperation with Surveypal after comparing and testing several domestic and international feedback management platforms.  

We realized right from the start that our values are aligned with those of Surveypal and we would be able to build a feedback process that fits our needs and meets our expectations.

Hanna-Leena Ikonen 
Development Manager at LähiTapiola

Surveypal build customized feedback models to track and measure the experience with LähiTapiola’s compensation decisions and, also, in various customer service channels. The ease and flexibility of these feedback models has enabled the company to enhance their feedback strategy by seamlessly including any interaction point into their experience measurement initiatives.   

During the Covid-19 pandemic, for example, online appointments increased significantly, and we wanted to actively work on improving their overall quality. With Surveypal’s support, we were able to automate the process of measuring the online meeting experience within a couple of days. This goes to show the flexibility that describes our collaboration with Surveypal.   

The collaboration between LähiTapiola and Surveypal involved consulting, trainings, and integration set up.  

We’ve worked very smoothly together. Joint workshops, regular steering group meetings, and Surveypal’s expert support with integration deployment have empowered us to kick off and expand our experience management project across different touchpoints in our customer journey.  

As a result, LähiTapiola has successfully built an organizational-wide unified feedback process that captures insights used to improve the experience and develop their business.  

After implementing Surveypal’s solution, we saw significant improvement in the response experience. Before we started working with Surveypal, only about 15% of survey respondents gave us open-ended feedback. Now, more than half of our survey respondents provide open feedback which allows us to better understand how they perceive their experience with us.  

About LähiTapiola  

LähiTapiola is not a traditional insurance company is a life safety company. For the group, life safety means a comprehensive and proactive service for their customers in the areas of health care, personal, and financial safety.