Success story: How Surveypal helps Certego improve the experience at every customer touchpoint

Certego – the leading provider of physical security services in Finland handles on average 70000 service requests annually. Additionally, several projects are in the works on a daily basis at any of the company’s 17 locations in Finland.  

Going beyond customer experience measurement

When it comes to measuring the customer experience, Certego’s goal is to utilize the resulting data to deliver the best possible service and improve the quality of every customer interaction. The company, however, found it challenging to achieve this goal due to low survey response rates that compromised the accuracy of the feedback data.

Reliable data, better decisions

Certego was searching for an experience management solution that would enable them to increase survey response rates and deliver reliable data that could be used to further develop operations and improve the customer experience. The company was also looking for a solution that would eliminate the need for manual work that their current process demanded.

Surveypal was one of seven providers Certego looked into before finally deciding it was the best fit for their needs.

Surveypal stood out because their solution enables us not only to deliver an elevated response experience but also capitalize on their expertise to build feedback processes that support our business goals. Ease-of-use was also a big plus for us.

Marja Hämäläinen
Marketing Manager at Certego

In addition to measuring the customer experience, Certego uses Surveypal to track customer service performance, run a bi-annual decision-making survey, evaluate project success and conduct personnel surveys.

Ever since we started using Surveypal, our survey completion rates have skyrocketed. This has allowed us to make the most of the feedback data we collect and act on it to improve daily operations and plan for the future.

Integrate your way to less manual work

Surveypal’s integration with Certego’s ERP system has enabled the company to automate feedback management. Certego automatically deploys surveys after service requests are handled or when a project is completed. Surveypal allows Certego to design and deliver visually appealing and concise surveys that boost the survey response experience. This approach combined with a polished survey introduction has resulted in more complete responses and reliable feedback data.

Customer feedback becomes available in real-time to all departments. Negative feedback is automatically routed to the site manager who takes action immediately in order to turn a negative experience into a positive one. The results of the bi-annual decision-making survey are processed to formulate an action plan aimed at improving 3 to 5 key areas of operational development.

In addition to supporting operational development, our current model is also focused in positive feedback. For example, we use Surveypal to automatically send thank-you messages to site managers from satisfied customers.

Building a successful customer feedback model was only the beginning for Certego and Surveypal.  

Our goal is to improve customer satisfaction and Surveypal’s ongoing support in invaluable to us.

Certego, a member of the ASSA ABLOY Group, is the leading provider of complete security solutions in the Nordics. Certego delivers professionally integrated security technology solutions designed to address customer needs.