The importance of online meeting feedback surveys

Over the last few months, the coronavirus pandemic has shifted the way we work and millions of people around the world are now adapting to working remotely. Many believe that now workers have tried working from home, they may find they like it and will want to continue doing so even after Covid-19.

Whatever the future might hold, in terms of how we work after corona, the need to collaborate while working remotely means that online meetings and their effectiveness are in the spotlight. While technological advancements have without a doubt provided us with a variety of tools that facilitate online communications, determining the quality of an online meeting is a whole different story.  That is why many companies that have adopted or shifted to telecommuting are eager to collect feedback after online meetings.

There is a number of reasons why it makes sense to capture attendee feedback after a virtual meeting. Let’s dig a bit deeper.

Why should you collect feedback after an online meeting?

Determine meeting effectiveness

Feedback will help you understand whether the meeting was a success or not. Was everybody on the same page? Did the meeting achieve its purpose? Was the meeting agenda clear enough? Do the attendees understand what their next steps after the meeting should be?

Assess the online meeting experience

The nature of remote work means that employees might spend a lot of their time attending online meetings. For those workers, the online meeting experience represents a big chunk of their overall employee experience. When that is the case, the way these employees perceive their experience attending virtual meetings has a significant impact on their perception of their overall remote employee experience with the company.

The meeting experience is also important when customers or potential customers are attending, as the online meeting represents one of the interaction points between your company and its clients and it impacts their overall experience with you.

In both cases, feedback will help you assess the quality of the meeting, whether it achieved its purpose, and whether attendees got what they needed out of it.

Better plan for future meetings

Feedback will allow you to tap into attendee suggestions, tips, and recommendations to ensure your future meetings are successful and pleasurable for all participants.

How can I collect feedback after a virtual meeting?

The easiest way to collect post online meeting feedback is to use surveys. Here’s how Surveypal customers gather post meeting feedback when using two of the most popular online conference tools in the market.  

Post meeting feedback surveys for Microsoft Teams

Surveypal customers who use Microsoft Teams for online meetings automatically send surveys to meeting participants right after the meeting is complete. Learn more by reading this step-to-step guide.  

Post meeting feedback survey for Zoom

Surveypal customers who use Zoom for their online meeting use Zoom’s Post attendee URL to redirect their meeting participant to a Surveypal survey used to measure the meeting experience.