Validate open-ended input in your survey questions with RegEx

Ever considered how helpful it would be to predefine the format in which your survey respondents reply to an open-ended question? Validating open-ended input in your Surveypal surveys can be done using RegEx. 

What is RegEx or Regular Expression?  

A RegEX is a text pattern formed by a sequence of characters. Regular Expression is used to check if the input matches a prespecified pattern.  

If, for example, you want you respondents to input their license plate numbers, you can just apply a RegEx pattern to that particular survey open-ended question.  

When should I apply Regular Expression in my survey questions?  

Validating respondent input using RegEx is a no-brainer as it enables you to collect data in the right format and significantly lowers the possibility for user errors. Apply regular expression in your survey questions when you seek data input in a specific format such as

  • Phone number
  • Email address 
  • Zip code  
  • Date  
  • License plate number  
  • Social security number
  • IBAN
  • ISBN number, and more

How can I add RegEx validation in my Surveypal surveys? 

For a step to step guide read on how to add RegEX in your Surveypal surveys, read this article. If you are not sure about your validation string, you can use Regular Expression testers, such as this one, which you can access online for free.