Customer insight and data-driven leadership at the heart of Ambientia

Ambientia is a business design and technology specialist with over 200 employees in Finland and Estonia. Ambientia combines business, data, research, design, and technology in a way that helps their clients to survive the tough competition in the future. Ambientia chose Surveypal as their partner to develop experience measurement and data-driven leadership. 

At the beginning of 2021, as part of a larger transformation project, Ambient wanted to renew the way it measures and uses customer and employee experience data. Instead of random measurement, they wanted to move to systematic feedback models. 

– We had several feedback tools in use, but they were not good enough in terms of usability and the response experience was often unreliable. In addition it was important that the mobile response experience was the best possible, says Ambientia’s Head of IT Operations Jarmo Kniivilä. 

Ambientia’s strategy focuses on customer insight and data-driven management, and the company wants to continuously develop these themes. 

– When we chose a partner and technology to support experience measurement and management, it was very important to us that the chosen service not only makes feedback easy for us and our customers, but also supports the goal of leading with data. Surveypal has flexible and well-described interfaces that enable, among other things, viewing data in the PowerBI service, integrations and links between systems like Hubspot, Kniivilä continues. 

It has been important to Ambient that Surveypal experts have helped them build their feedback processes. 

– We have experience with dozens of different system vendors and it is the quality and availability of expert services that often differentiates one system vendor from another. We are very satisfied with Surveypal’s support in implementing and building the feedback model. In addition, customer service has been fast, says Kniivilä. 

Ambientia uses Surveypal to measure customer experience at different touch points, to measure the pulse well-being of staff and, for example, for recruitment feedback. Systematically Ambientia measures processes like employee onboarding, IT service quality and IT user support. In addition, Ambientia uses Surveypal’s feedback platform for individual feedback needs and as a channel for reporting misconduct.  

-We measure different processes systematically and with a repeating cycle, Kniivilä clarifies.

When asked for tips and lessons for the renewal of the feedback model, Kniivilä emphasises that the key issue is not the tool itself, but how the data is used: 

– We recommend thinking first and foremost about why and what data you want to collect and how you intend to use it. We are committed to managing with data so that feedback can be used to achieve tangible benefits.