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Customer insight and data-driven leadership at the heart of Ambientia

Ambientia is a business design and technology specialist with over 200 employees in Finland and Estonia. Ambientia combines business, data, research, design, and technology in…

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EU Whistleblower Directive

Surveypal as a reporting channel for whistleblowing – The EU Whistleblowing Directive

In April 2018, the European Union introduced a proposal for a directive aimed at establishing protective mechanisms for employees prepared…

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experience gap

Bridging the gap between operational and customer experience data

The disparity between the experience a business delivers versus the experience its customers expect is commonly referred to as the…

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LähiTapiola asiakaskokemus

Success story: How LähiTapiola is standing out with its customer experience

LähiTapiola, one of the biggest insurance companies in Finland, is committed to offering a comprehensive and proactive service by focusing…

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online meeting feedback surveys

The importance of online meeting feedback surveys

Over the last few months, the coronavirus pandemic has shifted the way we work and millions of people around the…

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Regular Expression Surveypal

Validate open-ended input in your survey questions with RegEx

Ever considered how helpful it would be to predefine the format in which your survey respondents reply to an open-ended…

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what is experience management

A guide to experience management

Take a moment and think how much of your time you spend interacting with companies – whether working for them…

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GDPR survey responsibilities

Adhering to your GDPR responsibilities for surveys

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) officially came into force May 25th, 2018 and redefined how organizations deal with data integrity….

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remote employee experience

Measuring the remote employee experience during the Covid-19 pandemic

Now more than ever, remote work is in the spotlight. As the global health crisis redefines the way organizations operate,…

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