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Surveypal Single Sign On

Secure access to Surveypal with Single Sign On

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably also tired of logging into and switching between multiple apps to get things…

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survey experience

Boost the survey experience with icon answer options

A successful customer feedback strategy is the backbone of the customer experience. If you’re looking to create a customer-centric organization,…

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survey introduction

Customer Experience Survey Introductions: Do’s & Don’ts

Many customer experience professionals argue that a solid introduction is key when creating a survey. This holds true not only because a…

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Lojer customer feedback strategy

Success story: How Surveypal helped Lojer Group improve their customer feedback strategy

Lojer Group, the largest manufacturer of medical furniture in the Nordics, wanted to build a customer feedback process that would…

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how to create a multilingual survey

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Multilingual Survey

No matter if you’re a big corporation known worldwide or a small company planning to go international, you need to…

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what is first contact resolution

The benefits of improving first contact resolution rates

What is First Contact Resolution? First contact resolution is one of the metrics that help you assess the performance and…

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Person about to submit a four star rating on their phone while laying on the beach

Digital customer service trends to keep an eye out for in 2019

The digital era has created new standards for businesses and customers alike. While brands navigate their way towards customer centricity,…

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An illustration of a group of people, one with hand to chin

Utilizing surveys to improve marketing strategies

Market surveys study the spending characteristics of the consumers who fit a business’ target demographic. Entrepreneur lists several different types of…

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People in a business meeting

How to measure strategic partnership success

What is a strategic partnership? A strategic partnership is a relationship between two businesses propelled by an agreement that aims…

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