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survey branding

How to customize your surveys with your very own brand

Does your survey reflect your brand? In a time when effective marketing and branding have the power to differentiate you…

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Hand holding a red pencil above a vector image

Using feedback to supercharge customer service QA

Are you using quality assurance to improve your customer service? As you exit the startup phase and start scaling your…

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Employee working at a desk with headset

What’s your employee effort score?

A few years back, the CEB (now Gartner) introduced the Customer Effort Score, a KPI which according to its creators outperforms…

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key account management

Supercharge key account management with customer feedback

Key account management or KAM is not a new concept; it was first introduced in the 1970’s and is more…

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how to improve survey response rates

5 tips to improve survey response rates

More and more organizations are using surveys as a tool to gather information from customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders…

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Person working on a laptop while reclined behind a desk

4 Employee Experience metrics to drive your HR initiatives

According to recent research, companies that excel at customer experience have 1,5 times more engaged employees than companies with poor customer…

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Customer effort score calculation and analysis

The Customer Effort Score is one of the most popular single-question customer metrics, alongside the traditional Customer Satisfaction measure and the NPS. Experts…

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A person resting on a couch with a laptop

The gateway to exceptional customer experience: Online appointment scheduling

In a time where the customer experience is overtaking price and product as the key brand differentiator, online appointment scheduling can…

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Casual business meeting in a glass conference room

How to draft a concise HR survey

If you’re an HR employee or manager, you know a significant part of your job is gathering data and organizing…

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