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Salesforce logo next to Surveypal logo on a dark background

Surveypal for Salesforce: Integrated surveys for better customer experience

Customer feedback data has no place in an Excel sheet, it belongs in Salesforce. With this in mind, we are…

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Person in a supermarket interacting with a chat bot on their phone

Chat bots as customer service facilitators

Over the course of the past few years, technological advancements in the fields of business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and messaging…

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Person looking towards the sky at dusk

How to build a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program in 5 steps

The Voice of the Customer (VoC) has become an integral business component for customer-centric organizations. Voice of the Customer programs generate data…

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A person walking through a crowd towards a stage

The importance of event experience surveys

Event experience surveys can be utilized during all the stages of an event and the analysis of the collected data…

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A customer support survey question on a cell phone

A Zendesk survey integration: Closing the feedback loop

Your relationship with your customers is nothing more than a series of interactions along the end-to-end customer journey. Therefore, the…

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Coworkers collaborating in front of a laptop

Instantly boost your HR game with employee pulse surveys

Employee pulse surveys are rapidly becoming the most popular tool to gather employee feedback. Companies are realizing the value of…

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Bearded man smiling while riding a bike in an office

Keeping tabs on workforce morale with employee satisfaction surveys

Employee satisfaction surveys are the first step towards assessing employee morale, satisfaction and engagement with the company. Unfortunately, the mere…

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An illustration of a man presenting a graph, surrounded by business related icons

How to calculate the ROI of a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program

Customer experience practitioners often ask the following question: “How do you measure the monetary value of a Voice of Customer…

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An illustration of a woman giving a store a rating out of five stars

Voice of the Customer metrics: A guide to success

A Voice of the Customer program is in essence a process which allows your company to capture feedback from different channels, analyze,…

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