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Friends walking across the street with shopping bags

E-Commerce pricing strategies: Improve conversions in the age of the Customer Experience

E-commerce businesses are now trying to achieve success at a time when customers hold all the power in their hands….

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Three people in a brainstorming session

4 tips to get you started with employee engagement

Employee engagement is more relevant than ever. The effort you put in keeping your employees engaged and satisfied with their…

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Person making a heart shape with hands

How to become your customers’ Valentine

Valentine’s Day is here. We are all, more or less, familiar with the drill. Search for a romantic card. Purchase…

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People taking a group photo

What is the employee Net Promoter Score® and why it matters

If you are invested in customer experience you are by now familiar with the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the benefits of…

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Hand holding a phone depicting a Surveypal customer satisfaction survey

Surveypal launches Canadian-hosted survey platform

JANUARY 2017 Surveypal is investing in Canada to comply with Canadian data privacy laws SAN FRANCISCO, CA – January 3,…

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Two children laying on carpet surrounded by wrapped gifts

4 lessons Santa can teach you about Customer Experience

Christmas is right around the corner. The general merriment and enthusiasm are very hard to miss and kids around the…

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Three colleagues planning a project

Why startups need to focus on the customer experience

Undeniably, exceptional customer experience correlates with growth. The previous statement is very important for start-ups because it allows for customer-driven scalability. Most…

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A top-down view of a blank notepad on a desk

5 tips to get the most out of online surveys

Surveys are a valuable tool that generates actionable insights for any business. That is, if utilized correctly. It doesn’t take…

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Steve Jobs speaking at an event

Steve Jobs said it best, start with the Customer Experience

I was reminded of the importance of the customer experience while I was watching this video of Steve Jobs at…

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