Customer Experience (CX)

Surveypal’s feedback management solutions will help you grow your business and provide more meaningful customer and employee experiences.

Make customer experience your competitive advantage

Make giving feedback easy, smooth and user-friendly for your customers. Strengthen your brand image with engaging surveys.

Monitor customer experience trends in real time. Strengthen positive experiences, and turn negative experiences into positive ones.

Save time and money by focusing your development resources efficiently. Make decisions and lead based on real-world experience data.

Get your staff involved in developing the customer experience

Quickly and accurately identify your team’s strengths and development areas, so you can train and guide them efficiently.

Motivate your staff to excel by directing positive customer feedback to precisely the right person, and leverage positive feedback in your management strategy.

Make customer experience relevant to the whole organization by making your staff’s hard-earned results and actions visible in their daily work.

Lead with knowledge, not with luck

Establish your KPIs for developing customer experience throughout the organization, with role-specific benchmarks.

Compare experience data alongside your other business metrics with BI integration.

Strengthen brand loyalty by seamlessly communicating results and changes to both staff and customers.

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Customer service experience

With the help of Surveypal, you can measure the customer experience in all channels, such as chat, email and phone. Track customer service performance and key experience metrics (CSAT, NPS, CES FCR, etc.) – so you’ll always stay on top of how your actions affect the customer experience.

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Sales process experience

Improve your sales processes through leveraging valuable feedback data. With Surveypal, you can measure all stages of the sales process, from first contact to final sale – and beyond. Deepen your sales team’s understanding of how customers experience their service, and offer targeted, timely solutions to customer problems.

Integrating Surveypal with your CRM will allow you to automate feedback collection and use your experience data with other customers and alongside other business data.

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Ecommerce and digital service experience

Measure experience across your wide array of applications, websites and online stores. Embed surveys seamlessly into websites, create a banner, or make use of a well-timed pop-up survey.

Here’s a sample of a survey embedded at the bottom of this example site:

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Market, product and consumer research

Develop cutting-edge products and gather brand experience data through market research. Gather market, product and brand data while collecting information about the consumer and brand experience of your customers or target groups.

Surveypal’s partners include Cint, who maintains the world’s leading consumer network. Thanks to our cooperation, you can quickly find an accurate and cost-effective target group for your business from among more than 140 million consumers.

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Manage event invitations and reservations, and measure the success of your events through real-time and post-event feedback surveys.