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Employee experience (EX)

Surveypal’s feedback management solutions will help you grow your business and provide more meaningful customer and employee experiences.

Measure employee experience across all stages

A skilled and satisfied staff is one of your most important assets. 

  1. Measuring your recruitment and orientation experience will help you develop your onboarding process so new employees quickly become more productive. 
  2. Conducting regular employee pulse surveys will help you continuously develop your employee experience and identify problem areas early. You can use Surveypal to develop your managerial processes and guide your development discussions. 
  3. With Exit surveys you’ll get valuable information from departing employees.

Design a feedback model around your goals

Each organization has a unique culture, particular ways of operating, and specific business goals. Let’s work together to customize the measurement and management of your employee experience to meet your needs.

Employee-centric through data

Losing and replacing good employees is expensive, and a decrease in sick leave will have an immediate impact on your bottom line. Measuring employee experience will bring human resource management into the core of your business, and help it thrive. 

Expertly allocate your time and money

Reduce uncertainty and the risk of misallocating resources by basing your decisions on up-to-date feedback data from your personnel.