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Surveypal Microsoft Integrations

Link your Microsoft solutions with Surveypal and connect our platform to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Azure Active Directory, or Microsoft Power BI.

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Maximize your team’s productivity by combining Surveypal with your Microsoft solutions.

Make feedback an integral component of your daily operations, get all customer data in the same place and streamline tasks and processes.

Surveypal Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration

For Microsoft  Dynamics 365 

Map survey responses to Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM records and gain a holistic understanding of your customers and prospects.

Surveypal Azure AD integration

For Azure AD 

Centralize account management in Azure AD and manage Surveypal access across different accounts without hastle. Sign-in to Surveypal automatically with your Azure AD account and eliminate the need for multiple passwords.

Surveypal Power BI integration

For Power BI  

Unify all your customer data in the same location and keep an eye on the health of your business in real-time.

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Surveypal runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform and enables you to capitalize on valuable feedback to improve your business.