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Salesforce survey integration with Surveypal

Surveypal enables you to build a feedback program into Salesforce. Create engaging surveys, trigger them from Salesforce, get all your customer data in the same place, and delight your prospects and clients.  

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Salesforce integration with Surveypal

Introduce real-time feedback insights in Salesforce  

Our two-way survey integration with Salesforce empowers you to automatically send surveys based on customer activity and see responses in Salesforce, in real-time.

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Your brand comes to life in your Salesforce surveys 

Create branded surveys, ask the questions  you want to ask, increase completion rates and get more reliable data.  

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Choose the appropriate communication medium

Surveypal provides you with the flexibility to deploy your Salesforce surveys via email, chat, or text to connect with your customers in their terms.

Put your customer feedback to work  

Act on critical feedback without delays. Access data reports in Salesforce or Surveypal, keep watch on the customer journey and trace Lead, Contact, or Account Level CSAT, CES, and NPS.

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