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Business value consulting built by people, process and technology

Good customer experience isn’t an accident – it begins with professional business consulting.

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Good experience management is built by people, process and technology. When you use our consulting service, the first step is to find the best feedback model and processes for your business.

Then we build it together, using Surveypal technology and feedback management models.

The makings of a feedback model

At Surveypal, we see customer experience as a fundamental property in any successful business. Behind every top customer experience performer, there’s a continuous, flexible customer feedback model in place driving excellence in all levels of the company. Successful feedback models all do the same five things:

  • Prioritize the response experience 
  • Turn unhappy customers into loyal champions 
  • Develop operations actively
  • Leverage positive feedback in the organization 
  • Communicate the results to the employee and the customer 

You can build great feedback processes using Surveypal technology and feedback management models.

The elements of the feedback process


Use Surveypal to automatically gather data that’s easy on the eyes.

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Surveypal’s built-in reporting tools help you cement actionable insights about the data you’ve collected.

Percentage of companies who believe they handle feedback processes well


Armed with your insightful and continuous feedback data, you’ll be able to respond to issues as they happen and drive improvements in your customer, client, and HR feedback processes. With Surveypal you’ll be balanced on the bleeding edge of experience management.

Find the right feedback model for your organisation today!