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One survey platform for all your feedback needs

Engage the right people, in the right channel, and ask the questions that really matter using Surveypal’s online survey software.

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Make data-driven decisions based on reliable feedback insights

Harness the power of surveys and gather in-depth feedback to improve your service and operations.

Drag and drop

Easy to use

Create surveys in a matter of minutes by using our easy drag-and-drop functionality or choosing from our range of pre-configured survey templates.

Customizing a survey with Surveypal

Fully customizable surveys

Customize your surveys with your very own branding to increase response rates and deliver a unified brand message.

Survey question for three different customers

Dynamic questionnaires 

Gather more accurate feedback by delivering personalized survey questions. From question routing to text substitution and enriched links, we got you covered.

Responsive on every channel  

Deploy your surveys in any channel and engage your respondents at their convenience to achieve better completion rates.

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Survey data analysis made easy  

Built-in reports help you crunch down the numbers to get a more detailed picture of your survey data, draw conclusions, and make better business decisions.

Survey data export options for Surveypal

Data exports & Custom reporting

Export your data in visually compelling formats into PowerPoint, SPSS, Excel, and CSV or create custom reports and share them with different stakeholders.

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