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Account Management

Build a customer feedback system for world-class account management

Increase customer loyalty and reduce churn by putting the customer in the spotlight.

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Every interaction matters – make it count 

Give your account managers the tools they need to understand the customer and cultivate meaningful relationships with your clientele. Stay on top of key accounts, promote advocacy, and enhance your customer retention strategy.

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Prioritize customer engagement  

Use feedback to listen to your customers and proactively engage them in conversation. A well-implemented customer feedback system will help you capture the root causes of repeat issues and discover opportunities for growth.

Surveypal CRM integration possibilities

Pump up your CRM with real-time customer data

Sync Surveypal with your Customer Relationship Management platform and enrich your customer records with real-time feedback data. Enable your team to make better decisions based on feedback management insights and Voice of the Customer metrics.

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Degrees of customer satisfaction

Identify unhappy customers and take action

Keep a close eye on customer satisfaction to find out whether your customers are unhappy. Automatically re-route negative feedback to the right person in your organization and take corrective actions.

Product feedback survey

Analyze feedback to develop solutions 

Leverage customer feedback to identify gaps in the market. Gain a competitive advantage by developing products and services that fulfil customer expectations.


Engage your entire organization

Create custom reports and share them across all levels of organizational hierarchy. Provide higher management with the right information to drive organizational change and empower different teams to align goals and streamline efforts.

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