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Customer support feedback for your contact center heroes

Pour rocket fuel on your customer service metrics and give your customers the service experience they deserve.

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Set your customer support team up for success 

Customer service is one of those touch points in the customer journey that can make or break your business. Surveypal allows you to expand your service desk capabilities and enables your contact center team to gain access to real-time customer feedback data, proactively manage the experience, and improve performance.

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Collect omnichannel customer feedback

Do not restrict yourself in one interaction channel. Use Surveypal to capture help center feedback from any communication channel – chat, email, phone call, etc. and gain access to broader feedback.

Customer service KPIs dashboard

Stay on top of customer service KPIs

Track support metrics and key performance indicators such as CSAT, NPS, CES, or FCR to see where you stand with your CX initiatives.

Surveypal customer support integrations: Zendesk, Freshdesk, MS Dynamics, Talkdesk

Two-way integration with your customer support software

Connect Surveypal to your contact center platform, get all your customer data in the same place, act on feedback in real-time, and automatically trigger workflows.

Are you a Zendesk user? Learn about our Zendesk survey integration.

Customer support feedback scale (NPS)

Monitor agent performance

Evaluate the performance of your support team to discover long-term trends and find solutions that improve internal processes. Ensure your customer care is up to a high standard by allowing individual agents to self-monitor their performance.

Customer feedback: help center survey

Measure customer self-service success

Embed customer feedback surveys in your Help Center to keep tabs on user engagement with your content, enhance your self-service offering, and identify areas for improvement.

Custom feedback dashboard on a laptop

Create custom dashboards

Create visual dashboards and track business-critical metrics either in Surveypal or in any third-party system you already have in place.  

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