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Human Resources

Gather critical feedback and create an excellent employee experience

Employee engagement tools for the forward-thinking HR team.

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Keep your workforce happy and they’ll keep your customers happy

Your employees are the force that drives your business. Surveypal empowers you to unlock their potential and increase engagement. We have extensive experience helping organizations implement employee experience management programs that increase efficiency, boost productivity, and promote advocacy and loyalty.

Employee mood survey

Measure employee satisfaction 

Tap into employee feedback to understand how your employees feel about their work and their overall experience with your organization.

Assess employee engagement  

Engagement drives employee advocacy and reduces turnover. Increase employee lifetime value by assessing how engaged they are with the mission of your company and their role in the workplace.

A short survey assessing employee satisfaction and wellbeing

Check-in with your employees more frequently

Utilize employee pulse surveys to gain a deeper understanding of employee related issues that are specific to your organization and the needs of your staff.

Empower your staff to perform better

Listen to the Voice of your Employees and use their feedback as a tool to improve daily operations, simplify processes, or redesign workflows.

Enrich the employee lifecycle

Enable your HR department to monitor and manage the employee experience across different touch points in the employee journey. Optimize every experience by designing and executing employee feedback loops from acquisition to personal development and offboarding.

Discover the power of Training Need Analysis

Provide your workforce with the right tools to be successful. Employee feedback will help you identify training and reskilling needs as well as opportunities for coaching and development.

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