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Market Research

Conduct market research surveys for cutting-edge consumer and brand experience insights

A market research tool to level-up your brand experience management.

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Place customer-centricity in the core of your business

Surveypal enables you to conduct market, product, and brand research surveys to gather consumer and brand experience insights from your own clients or from selected target groups.

Primary Market Research

Gain a deep understanding of the market or industry in which you operate. Identify consumer needs and product gaps to stay ahead of the game.

Market Segmentation

Monitor consumer behavior across different market segments to optimize your marketing campaigns. Create customer personas, better engage with prospects and clients, and increase conversion rates.

Market research product survey

Product Research

Develop value-added products and services that solve real problems and enhance the customer experience.  

Brand Research 

Establish and strengthen the position of your brand by developing a brand research strategy fueled by actionable insights. Identify threats and opportunities and track consumer awareness and perceptions.   

Market research panels

Purchase on demand respondents and gain access to 50 million registered consumers  around the globe.

Surveypal collaborates  with Cint – the largest insight marketplace – to enable you to find the right survey respondents for the needs of your research.

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