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Sales Performance Management

Collect day-to-day client feedback to keep your sales team on track

Close the feedback loop, close the deal, and never second-guess your sales process.

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Boost your sales strategy and accelerate your business

The customer experience starts long before the placement of a purchase order. The way you manage the experience during your sales cycle can determine the success of a long-lasting customer relationship. Surveypal can help you design and execute a customer feedback process across the different stages of your sales cycle to elevate the sales experience and grow revenues.

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Optimize your sales process  

Improve your sales process based on actionable feedback insights. A sales process that resonates with prospects and leads will enhance the customer experience and deliver better results.

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Asses the quality of sales meetings & audit offers

Drill down on feedback to make your sales meetings more effective. Enable your sales managers to better understand how you customers perceive your market offering and provide solutions better suited to solve their problems.

Surveypal CRM integration possibilities for customer and client feedback

Integrate to your CRM

Push all customer related feedback data in your CRM, access that information at your convenience and personalize the sales experience.


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Promote self-development

Consider this. After a face-to-face meeting or an online product demo ask the customer to give feedback on the performance of your sales team. Use that feedback to develop sales communication skills and improve sales process effectiveness & efficiency.


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Identify upselling opportunities  

Engage in dialogue and nurture the customer relationship after you have closed the deal. This will allow you to discern opportunities for upsell or cross-sell.

Increase customer retention

Use customer feedback surveys to find out the reasons why a customer has jumped ship, learn from your mistakes, and use them to further develop your business.  

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